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Full life energy reading (chakra & aura evaluation) $200

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Full life energy readings are spiritual readings to connect from spiritualist to client. Her job with the full life reading is to help you to see life choices more clearly so that you make better decisions and you can create a spiritual healthy lifestyle that is truly yours. This reading will also give you the knowledge to make the changes in your present so that your future will be structured and balanced. They will spiritually advise you on all your questions and topics. You can always feel free to ask as many questions as you like. They have had much success with there spiritual power that will help you find a higher level of fulfillment at counteracting your dreams and desires. They can help you achieve your goals and find inner peace within this reading, Reaching out to your aura energy and chakras is giving you the spiritual closure that is necessary and needed. The same sense you need a haircut every time you feel the growth and dead ends within your hair follicles, You also need assurance with your energy every time there’s a life  decision/purpose planned.



What are the benefits of a Chakra cleansing? First of all you just feel good, balanced, relaxed, whole and healthy. You feel everything in your life is going well for you. All or most of your projects are flowing the way you like.

If you are out of balance, you will know it immediately! Your clues will be that you feel awful, depressed, or that something is not right. What makes it sad is that most people don’t know why they feel this way. It can start with an empty feeling, sometimes it start in the heart or the stomach and if the “emptiness” is not addressed, the “emptiness” spreads throughout the body.

What’s happening to your chakras? They are getting blocked with negative energies! How does the blockage begin? It usually starts with how aware you are of your life style. Are you living a balanced life? Are you stressed out of your mind? Are you over-scheduled?  Are your worries overwhelming you? Get the picture???

When a chakra becomes blocked, or damaged with residual energy, then our physical and emotional health is usually affected. Another way to know when your chakras are blocked, your mood announces your energy level.

Having a balanced chakra feels calm, peaceful, less or no anxiety and balanced. Chances are good that you can handle stressful situations pretty well. If your energy is positive, the energy will flow evenly from the top of your head to your feet with ease.

Chakras are constantly rotating and vibrating. The activities in the chakras influence our body shape, glandular processes, chronic physical ailments, thoughts, and behavior. When one or more of the chakras are blocked, the energy does not flow harmoniously, or if they are too open, it will result an energy imbalance. Every chakra has corresponding organs in our physical system. When clients come in with specific health issues, almost immediately, I can tell which chakras are affected.